Washington's Asparagus

  • Our Asparagus

    WA asparagus is produced on approximately 7,000 acres in the Columbia Basin, the Yakima Valley and the Walla Walla area.

    About 22 million pounds of asparagus are produced each year, bringing close to 28 million dollars to the state's economy.

    Washington asparagus is shipped to virtually every state nationwide and is also marketed through Europe and Asia.

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  • The Commission

    Creation of the Washington Asparagus Commission was approved by referendum vote of growers in March 1991. Commission activities are funded by an assessment of one percent of the gross receipt at the first point of sale of asparagus. That assessment became effective April 1, 1991.

    The commission is charged with the tasks of monitoring trade issues, promoting asparagus both domestically and in foreign markets, and pursuing research which will benefit the asparagus industry.

  • Asparagus Nutrition

    Asparagus is an excellent source of folic acid and is a fairly significant source of vitamin C, thiamin, and vitamin B6. More »

  • Meet the Growers

    There are approximately 100 asparagus growers in the state of Washington and, like everyone involved in the agriculture industry, they face many challenges in the future.More »

  • Asparagus Recipes and Tips

    Buy firm, straight, uniformly sized spears with closed, compact tips. The stalks should be crisp, not wilted.More »


Asparagus harvest underway in Eastern Washington


Recent warmer days in Eastern Washington prompted asparagus to start sprouting, and workers are harvesting the spears on farms around the Tri-Cities.

The Associated Press


Recent warmer days in Eastern Washington prompted asparagus to start sprouting, and workers are harvesting the spears on farms around the Tri-Cities.

Pasco farmer Gary Larsen told Tri-City Herald ( http://bit.ly/XFlVyn) the quality is good and he has enough workers for now. He says growers are waiting for warmer weather to spur the asparagus to grow faster.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says about 4,700 acres of asparagus were harvested last year in Washington and the crops was worth about $18 million. Most of the acreage is in Benton and Franklin counties.

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Gourmet Trading Company's Phil Clouse Awarded Washington Person Of The Year

LOS ANGELES – Gourmet Trading Company, the leading supplier of fresh asparagus in North America, announced that their WA Grower Field Representative, Phil Clouse, was awarded Washington Asparagus Person of the Year. Clouse first began working for Gourmet Trading Company in 2005 when the company established a state of art packing facility in Washington set to revive the deteriorating industry. This year will be the company’s 8th consecutive season of Washington Asparagus. 

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The early bounty of the asparagus bed

The first freshly picked spears of asparagus are a welcome gift after a long winter. Elsewhere in the garden, early spring planting takes a while to show results, as potato stems break the soil surface, pea tendrils grasp their trellis netting and the green fuzz of newly sown carrots appears in rows. Not much is ready to pick yet — maybe some over-wintered scallions and spinach.

But up pops the asparagus from its permanent bed, the reward of work done in the past. Only after three years of its growth can you pilfer the spears without robbing the plants of their strength, and only for a six-week season.

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